Content Curation as an Apprach of Adding Value to Digital Content

Posted: September 10, 2014 in Uncategorized

Content curation is the process by which the vast amount of digital content is sort out and presented in a more presentable, organized and meaningful way in order for the content to center on a particular theme. The process is tedious and involves not only sifting and sorting of the content but also arrangement of the information is ab83dd9ba-157d-4493-8696-524575aae568 specific manner for publishing purposes. The content curator is keen to the theme so that all the information selected for publishing is relevant to the theme and is important to be shared with the public. In this case, the content curator specifies the theme to base his content on, sorts out the information and publishes it in line with the theme. A curator decides how the information should be anointed to produce the desired effect on its audience, and most importantly, determine the form the information should be displayed on public.

Content curation is very valuable in this era of technological advancement. With so much information coming from different sources, one is bound to get confused and reduce the capacity of individuals in the digestion of information. Information abundance also means that most times, the information is conflicting causing confusion. As such, a content curator seeks to add value to the digital content by offering internet users quality content sourced from a synthesis of different sources. To get the most accurate and quality content from content curation, the curator should be much focused, attentive and spend adequate time in sorting out the information.
Content curation helps increase efficiency in learning. Most professional learning requires individuals to search for content online. If you are working and learning at the same time, content curation has proven to yield great results. This is because getting specific content related to your area of expertise helps you increase your expertise and improve your specific skills. On the other hand, you are able to find and make sense of specific content which you are required to know in order to excel in your career field.

Content curation is important for organizations as it helps them establish a thought system which is linked to the organization by capturing the attention of readers and the public in the world with cluttered information. This helps the organization to establish a mark by establishing authority centered on a particular topic area. The organization can effect this by writing blog posts related to a specific theme and then sharing them on social media. As such, the organization acquires the authority on content from that particular topic area. This brands the organization as an expert in that area. Before engaging in content curation, it is therefore important to first understand your audience, specify your niche and, be consistent in order to add value to the content.

Content curation is a three-phased process. The first phase involves seeking the information, then making sense out of it and lastly, sharing it. Making sense of information requires anointing the links and deciding which information is shared and which is left out. Apart from sharing links, makings sense of the content also involves summarizing the information in points form and sharing it in blog posts. The last phase of sharing involves dispensing the content to the audience. Shared information should be in a form which the audience can digest and understand.


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