SEO and its main principles

Posted: September 10, 2014 in Uncategorized

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the procedure of enhancing the position your website appears at in “organic” search results returned by sites like Bing, Google and Yahoo!

As a general rule, sites appearing hire up in search results will generate 44a8dbaf-78d4-416e-a98c-020604529927more traffic to their pages and thus more business potentially. Your aim is to get the first page and position one ideally. However, if that’s feasible will depends on the market that you are operating in. When you are in the travel or mobile phone market, you are going to be fighting a losing battle unless you are having a big budget to spend. However, when you are providing niche service or product in some defined geographical area, you have a good chance of at least getting to the first page when you are patient and follow these main principals.

Keyword rich content

Among the major tools providers employ to determine the rankings are called “ spiders.” This is a piece of software crawling the web in an automated and methodical way. They browse the website to identify the real copy written on the page, along with phrases and keywords. The data is then employed in determining the relevance of your website when somebody enters a phrase or keyword into the search engine212a5436-9cd9-42be-bed8-71e29380cbe5


PageRank is a number, scored out of 10 which are provided your website based on outbound and inbound links. It helps search engines in verifying the trustworthiness of your website. Linking between sites permits “link juice” be carried through. Therefore when your site is linked by site having good page rank, link juice is going to be carried forward to your website, therefore improving your ranking

Whereas you generally cannot control inbound links to your site, there are a number of steps which you may take to improve the PageRank score. Make sure your site is linked to from the social media content, and most notably Google + and try getting listed on free directories like DMOZ, or professional bodies that are connected with your market.

Keep it fresh

The speed at which the spiders crawl your site may be determined by how often your pages change. Consequently, you might need to design a monthly task of changing text, images or adding or removing pages to make sure your content is updated regularly.8c310551-31e4-4974-b1d3-44e05e32434c

You can also establish a blog on your site, allocating time every day to curate or work some content which is relevant to your target market. This may appear daunting and arduous, but when you get it in the habit, it becomes second nature and should not take more than an hour a day. For those reference materials that should, of course, be credited, you can use Google Alerts to keep yourself informed with online content matching your keywords.

Keeping up to date with SEO

The algorithms that are used by Microsoft and Google to determine the results order are subject to improvement and tweaks as they try to deliver more precise search results. Consequently, SEO is something of some moving beast, and it’s good to stay up to date. The above basic principles are unlikely to significantly change as they are the major determinants of your ranking.


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